viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012

¡Se acercan las clases!

"Mi paleta" - Óleo sobre lienzo - 100 x 70 cm
"My pallete" - Oil on canvas - 40 x 28"

El lunes comienzo clases nuevamente en la escuela de arte ¡qué emoción!
Y antes de que pase un año desde mi último post <:D, voy a poner una pintura del ciclo pasado, el trabajo final de la clase de Fundamentos Visuales I (en la que teníamos que incorporar todo lo que habíamos aprendido ese periodo).

Me pusieron buena nota, pero me criticaron que más que pintura parecía ilustración, que tenía que poner más colores a las maderas y en general.  Haré el esfuerzo la próxima vez, Dios mediante (y eso que le puse bastante esfuerzo a este así como salió :)

Felicidades a todos y todas

Classes are close!

I'll start classes again on Monday at art school, how exciting!
And before almost a year passes since my last post <:D I'll post a painting from last term, the final work of Visula Fundamental I (in which we had to incorporate everything we learned during that period).

I got a good grade, but I was criticized that my painting looked more like an illustration, that I had to include more colors into the wooden parts and in general.  I'll do an effort next time (but I definitely put a lot of effort just to get it done as it is :)

My best wishes to everyone!

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martinealison dijo...

Toutes mes félicitations. Cette peinture est superbe. J'aime beaucoup le travail de l'ombre également.
Gros bisous

Avocaken dijo...

GREAT PAINTING! I had to study the larger image closely to see if I could learn something. Nothing to learn as this is talent and heart.

Mucho gusto.


Carolina dijo...

Hola Martine,
Merci beaucoup, tu es trop gentille :)
Gros bisous,

Carolina dijo...

Hola Ken,

Thank you, and I'm sorry for the lousy photo and for not entering more information... I'll try to share something here:

I had to redo the whole background because the teacher told me I had to include more whites in it. So I did a series of whites (I mixed white with blue, green, red, yellow, so I had like 4 of them) and applied them very losely with a sponge (oil was very liquid with turpentine so that it'd dry quickly) one small spot beside the other, but trying to have more blue and green in the upper part (supposedly the farther away part) and the warm colors for the closest part. When that was done, I used colors from the tube to make the spots of paint; and for the shadowed areas of them, I applied the complimentary color, and amazingly, it produced black! (I didn't use any black from the tube at all).

Then, I focused on the brush and the pallete knife. I used a blue underpainting for the steel, and red for the golden parts (this is a rule of mine, always red below gold and blue below silver), and blue under the wooden parts (just because, no reason for that).

Then I took a reall long time to observe my reference photo and tryed to copy exactly what I saw. The sketch was as detailed as it could be, and I took a lot of effort in obtaining the closest color to reality, especially trying to keep them as warm or cold as they were in the reference.

I should have used more colors mixed with the colors I used for the wooden parts. Hope not to forget that for the next time.

I loved doing this "flash-back", I hope you find it useful :)

Un gran abrazo, and if I can clarify any part of this "explanation" please let me know!


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