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Compro tiempo

Aretes 001

Compro tiempo, pago con dibujos y/o pinturas. Por 20’ pago con garabatos; si son consecutivos, y llegan a tres lotes seguidos, puedo entregar a cambio un dibujo a lápiz con trabajo tonal casi al 100% (formato pequeño). Con lotes de 6 u 8 horas, repartidos en 2 a 4 días, puedo entregar pinturas en lápices de colores de tamaño pequeño. ¿Alguien se anima?

El dibujo que aparece hoy aquí no es pago para nadie porque ese tiempo, he de confesarlo, lo robé…

I Purchase Time

I purchase time, I pay with sketches and/or paintings. For 20’ I pay with doodles, if the 20’ are given in three consecutive batches, I can tradeoff a pencil sketch with tonal work almost complete (small format). With batches of 6 to 8 hours, spread on 2 to 4 days, I can deliver colored pencil paintings in small format. Anyone?

The drawing that is shown here isn’t a payment because that time, I must confess, was stolen…

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Wil dijo...

great drawing! I like the positioning on the page.
Why are you purchasing time?

I wish I could pay my rent that way. "So Mrs. Garcia, I have 4 drawings here of cafes, who about taking two and we call it even for this month."

Carolina dijo...

Hi Wil!
Thanks for the comment :) I'm buying time because I need more!
You'll be able to pay the rent (and other stuff) with your art any time, I'm sure!
Best regards,

Karen Hargett dijo...

Lovely drawing Carolina.

Hope y'all are OK and didn't have any effects from the earthquake.

Julián Andrade dijo...

Buena idea Carolina, comprar tiempo, pero el tiempo es escaso, ya sabes lo que se dice: tiempo es lo que no tengo. Disfruta del tuyo y no te preocupes. Principalmente el dedicado a tu familia.
¿ Porqué te preguntan por el terremoto ?, creo que confunden Perú y Chile, aunque supongo que algo se notaría. Me alegro que vuelvas a los lápices de colores te quedaron muy conseguidos todos los tonos.

Eduardo dijo...

Yo también estoy dispuesto a comprar tiempo, y además pagaría a buen precio. A veces lo más escaso es lo que más valoramos.

Janet Pantry dijo...

These are neat little drawings, Carolina! I like the detailed patterning. I hope you manage to purchase lots and lots of time so that you can do more drawing! :)

MILLY dijo...

Hello Carolina,
A lovely little drawing on the first I thought it was like my sycamore helicopter eyes until I found my glasses!
Time, we are all trying to catch up, find time to do what we like to do. Sometimes it seems impossible to buy any time for drawing, just draw when you can, you must not worry about it. Today I have done nothing, but tomorrow is a new day.
Best wishes x

Carolina dijo...

Hi Karen!
I finally found some time and energy and mood :) to write comments...
Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your kind comment.
Thank God we are all fine, we didn't feel the earthquake, but we are all certainly very worried about the possibility of a big one. But we are fine, thank you :)
Lots of hugs

Carolina dijo...

¡Hola Julián!
Parecía buena idea,jeje, pero te cuento, hasta ahora nada ;) Hay que disfrutar a la familia, a los hijos, crecen tan rápido (ayer justamente estuvimos viendo fotos de cuando eran bebés...). Los momentos en que no los disfruto es cuando les digo que hagan algo (como bañarse, dejar de ver televisión...) y no hacen caso!!! jajaja ya estoy haciendo mi catarsis.
Lo del terremoto, supongo que es por la cercanía geográfica, no? Aquí la verdad no sentimos nada, lo vuelvo a decir, gracias a Dios.
Un fuerte abrazo,

Carolina dijo...

¡Hola Eduardo!
Gracias por tu comentario. Mira, si consigues un buen vendedor, avísame!!! jeje, a lo mejor nos hace un descuento ;)
Muchos saludos,

Carolina dijo...

Hi Janet!
Thanks for your comment :) This is another 'desperate' drawing (long time not drawing, something had to be done!)
I'll let you know right away when I find a good seller ;)
Lots of hugs for you,

Carolina dijo...

Hi Milly!
Thank you so much :) I hadn't realised the long earing looked like a sycamore seed, hehe, you're right! Maybe that's why I chose it? who knows... It's one of my sister's earings.
Thank you for the empathy, it feels good to be understood... lately I've been very busy due to my kids' activities (they're starting school, new schedules for the afternoon classes, I have less help at home -that hopefully will come to normal next week-) and as I wrote on my profile, I need to feel I have a lot of time and space to start, and that's not happening lately... I'm enjoying it actually, but almost not time for painting...
Warm regards,

Karen Hargett dijo...

I'm so glad ya'll are all OK. I've never really experienced an earthquake - such a powerful force - hard to comprehend in some ways.

Stay Safe & God Bless!

Carolina dijo...

Thank you Karen :)

Paul Coventry-Brown dijo...

Hey Carolina

I like the light coming through the glass bead and the hint of the hole running through it :-)

Don't get me started on earthquakes ;-) We had them nearly every day when I lived in Tokyo, admittedly not the big ones but ones that rearranged paintings on the walls and stuff on shelves and woke me in the middle of the night to send me rushing for the door ;-)

Is it just me or are pencil drawings harder to sell than colour work?
Are you thinking of doing some more colour painting/drawing in the future? I did like the coloured pencil drawing in December :-)


James Parker dijo...

I came to visit your blog from Karen Hargett's. I am glad I did because your work is delightful. I also followed your blog, because I will return to admire your work and practice my Spanish (I lived in Costa Rica for three years, but my Espanol is so-so). I also invite you to participate with a little bird artwork for my challenge Windows to the Words...I would be honored.

Carolina dijo...

Hi Paul!
Thanks a lot, really :) I like the parts you mention too...

Wow, those memories about earthquakes scare me! We know about earthquakes, but not much about big ones (we even name them differently: 'temblores' -mild-vs 'terremotos' -big-). I've heared there's been an earthquake in Turkey a couple of hours ago, not that big thank God, but I have to admit that I'm freaking out :(

I don't know about selling art, my friend. Never been there! (but uncle Willy says you can't pretend to sell pencil/ink paintings at the same time or in the same exhibition as paintings in color. People will ALWAYS prefer to buy color).

And yes, I'm thinking of doing color paintings. I'm actually on one now. I'll let you know on my next posts. And thanks for the Dec compliment :)

This IS a long answer, isn't it?
Warm regards,


Carolina dijo...

Hi James!
Thank you very much for your kind words, and for following :) I'm following yours for a while now. I love the challenges, and I had dreamt of participating more than once. But... time, well, my incredible organizational habilities ;) haven't let me. I hope to be able to jump in now that the kids are going to school at a regular schedule. I love the current challenge, btw, the birds are lovely. And the honor is absolutely mine!
Best regards,

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