lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Estructura de repetición con módulo circular

"Aliméntame" - Tinta china sobre cartulina - 40 x 40 cm
"Feed me" - Indian ink on cardboard - 16 x 16"

Este es el resultado del ejercicio de la clase de Fundamentos Visuales I: estructura de repetición con módulo circular variable.  La estructura vendría a ser "la cabecita" de cada uno de los "pececitos", y el módulo vendría a ser el "ojo" de cada uno de ellos.

Repeated Structure with a Circular Module

This is the result of an exercise at the Visual Fundamentals I class:  a repeated structure with a variable circular module.  The structure would be the "head" of every little "fish", and the module would be the "eye" of each of them.

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Avocaken dijo...

This looks very difficult to my eyes. All of those curves so precisely done! It appears that you are working very hard in your class(es). :-)


Carolina dijo...

Hello Ken!
Yes, I am! And I'm enjoying them a lot... Thank you for your nice words :)
(I have tried to leave a couple of comments on your blog, but I get a message that my account has no permission to post comments (it also happens on other blogs). I have already sent a complaint to google/blogger... in the meantime, there's a message for you on fb :)
Un fuerte abrazo,

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