martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Radiación, Gradación y Ritmo

Ejercicio de Radiación, Gradación y Ritmo
60 x 40 cm, Tinta china en cartulina Canson
Radiation, Gradation and Rythm Exercise
24 x 16", Indian ink on Canson paper 
Este es otro ejercicio de la clase de Fundamentos Visuales I.
This is another exercice from the Visual Fundamentals I class.

8 comentarios:

martinealison dijo...

En admirant, je me sens observée!... Normal ?
Gros bisous

Avocaken dijo...

Holy cow! Such precision and such sharp edges.¡soy muy celoso, pero con la gran admiración!

It is obvious to me now that I MUST find a school of art. Then go to the classes. :-)


Carolina dijo...

Hola Martinealison!
Merci pour ta visite, il y a long temps qu'on ne se "vois", il faut le ranger tout-à-l'heure!
Un abrazo,

Carolina dijo...

¡Hola Ken!
Thank you! I'm sure you can do better than this! but thank you anyway for being so nice :)
I'm having a great time so far at art school, that I really recommend it to you...
Un gran abrazo,

Janet Pantry dijo...

I'm sorry to have missed all this work you have been doing at art school Carolina, you have clearly been working hard! Some lovely pieces here, such variety. Glad to hear you're enjoying it too. Looking forward to seeing more x

Carolina dijo...

Thank you Janet :) I am definitely enjoying it... I'll try to post whatever ends up 'presentable' :)

MILLY dijo...

So happy for you, at art school and enjoying yourself.
Look forward to your paintings in the future after all your studies, looks very interesting.
Best wishes millyx

Carolina dijo...

Hola Milly!
Thank you very much :)I'm really enjoying the painting classes...
Un gran abrazo

PS: sorry for the delay in answering... :(

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