lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Bodegón Rojo

Ejercicio de Pintura: Bodegón Rojo - Óleo sobre lienzo - 65 x 54 cm
Red Still Life, Painting Exercise - Oil on canvas 26 x 21.6 "

Este bodegón es el tercero que hacemos en la clase de Pintura I (El segundo fue el azul, pero aún no lo he terminado :P lo pondré Dios mediante cuando lo termine...). Pasé por todas esas etapas de desesperación, desánimo, pérdida de esperanza, depresión y todo eso que se siente cuando se está aprendiendo... (dolores de parto, según me decía Marisol, antes de parir un cuadro :)

Al final descubrí la pólvora pues, y quedé contenta con el resultado (y después de tanto esfuerzo!)

Al final unas fotos del proceso que tuve para terminarlo...

Red Still Life

This still life is the third that we do at Painting Class I (the second one was the blue, but I haven't yet finished it :P I'll post it when finished...).  I went through all those moments of despair, discouragement, loss of hope, depression and all that that you feel when you're learning... (labor pain, as Marisol used to say, before you give birth to a new painting :)

At the end I discovered what everybody knows, and ended up happy with the result (after all that effort!)

Here are a few pics of my process...

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Janet Pantry dijo...

Carolina, this is superb! You must be happy with this! The oils certainly agree with you, are you enjoying your course? I know those feelings you describe all too well ... but you have no cause to despair with this piece, Bravo! Interesting process pictures too, always good to see :)

Carolina dijo...

Hi Janet! :)
You are so generous, I really appreciate your words. I am enjoying the process, and the pressure too... I'm learning that you can paint no matter how you feel! :) (oh, even sleepy)
Un gran abrazo,

Avocaken dijo...

You go girl! I'd never have thought to start a reddish painting with green. Is it because they're compliments? I sure could benefit from participating in your class! :-)

There's so much that I don't know which if I DID know might make things easier. (Probably not)

Very good painting - it deserves to be hung in a conspicuous place in your home.


Carolina dijo...

Hi Ken!
Thank you! I really put a lot of effort in this painting...

The thing with starting out with green, if I remember well, is because the red pigments are semi-opaque/transluscent, and the complementary below reinforces them (?), and we should try mixing them with titanium white (which is very covering), so that it will become opaque, even when we want to darken it... does it have any logic in your experience? (when darkening, use only a tiny bit of white, and then use blue/green/violet, whatever, but preferably not black). We actually were forbidden to use black :)

Thanks for your comment, it gave me the chance to record something that I will probably forget in a month ;) (yes, I'm not recording anything at class-->too bad)

Un fuerte abrazo,

Julián Andrade dijo...

Cuando leo tus sufrimientos al pintar un cuadro,recuerdo los mios y como me animabas. Fruto de aquella experiencia te aconsejo que te lo tomes serenamente, porque después del parto está la satisfación del bebé en brazos. Aquí es la contemplación del cuadro terminado.

Carolina dijo...

Hola Julián,
Me has hecho reír... a veces me olvido de "relajarme"... allí es cuando el nivel de sufrimiento aumenta... luego como que ya uno entra en trance y la cosa fluye. Pero como dicen los "gringos": no pain, no gain... :)
Un gran abrazo,

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